• Legally Married


During your one 1 hour consultation the following will be discussed:
  • ​​The different Marriage Dispensations in RSA as well as the practical implications of each.

  • ​​The wishes of the couple will be evaluated and will then be advised on which dispensation would most likely be beneficial to both spouses in their unique circumstances.

  • ​​The necessity of having a Last Will and Testament and the practical implications of passing away without having a Last Will and Testament.

  • ​​The practical implications of each spouse having a separate Will versus a Joint Last Will and Testament.

  • ​​The legal implications of existing Beneficiary Nominations on an existing life policy and the practical implications of "forgetting" to alter the Beneficiary Nomination on such policy.

  • ​​The benefits of having each spouse having a Life Risk policy with the spouse as beneficiary thereof in order to compensate for the loss of income in the event of an untimely early death of a spouse.

  • Ante Nuptial Contract

  • Joint / Separate Last Will and Testament

  • Beneficiary Nominations Revision

  • Inter Vivos Trust ( Fees Available on Request )

  • Procedures and legal requirements when a RSA citizen marries a foreigner.

  • Estate Planning - for the future.


Available on request

Contact us - info@legallymarried.co.za or give us a call 0218725179

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