• Legally Married

What should I do before getting married?

As most people only get married once in a life time, most newly-weds need professional guidance to make informed decisions. Things change after you get married. Waistlines often get bigger, hair sometimes gets thinner, and wrinkles grow deeper. If no contract is entered into before the wedding, you will automatically be married in community of property. It entails that the two separate estates of the partners are joined into one estate with a 50/50 split of all assets and liabilities from the wedding day on wards.

Don’t ignore the legal implications as you plan your big day. Give as much attention to your marriage contract as you give to your wedding cake and seating arrangements.

When it comes to getting married, be assured that all legal requirements with regards to your marriage contract are in place. Also remember to not only focus on the Prenuptial contract, keep in mind to attend to your will as well. If you don't have a will, dealing with your estate after death becomes difficult for your partner. Once this is also in place remember to update your will regularly - and when you get married, you want to adapt your will to include your partner.

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